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We are aware of the fact that financial institutions play a crucial role in the prosperity of our world. A deep understanding of market inefficiency, as well as the knowledge of new forms of ownership and the formation of companies, allow us to assess the possibilities of high-yield arbitrage, participate in the process of public offering of shares and invest in projects with high profitability. The combination of the company's unique strategies and unprecedented ease of capital transfer, due to technology and liquidity of the stock market, forms the basis of the NWA's activities. Besides the security associated with decentralization technologies for investors, in most cases, this also means that there is no need to undergo bureaucratic procedures of mandatory verification.


Arbitrage the simultaneous buying and selling of securities, currency, or commodities in different markets or in derivative forms in order to take advantage of differing prices for the same asset. Our IT experts have automated this process. We implement several types of arbitrage.

ICO is the instrument of raising funds based on the exchange of new cryptocurrency for its liquid analogs with definite value. In this type of transaction investors change a particular amount of bitcoins or ethers to equally-weighted new coins. In other words, ICO is a new way of financing thanks to which new cryptocurrencies come into the market.

Our experts constantly study novelties of digital currencies and select those, which representinnovation and exclusiveness and have potential to improve Blockchain technology as a whole.


This strategy is built on the Pareto principle. In the financial market, there is a tool called VIX that measures volatility of the market. Also, there are futures, which are traded above the current index calculation (contango) due to market expectations of price changes. But such a price change does not occur in 80% of the time and only 20% of the time the market changes. Thus, the derivative VXX (of which the underlying asset is VIX) most of the time decreases gradually, but there are occasional sharp spikes (usually 100-200%), which have to be considered. Thus, in order to obtain a stable income on the consistent fading of expectations in the US stock market, we created a tool that allows us to make profit on a time decay of options and a drop in volatility, while hedging the risk of possible sharp increase in volatility through buying the underlying asset.

The possibility of buying shares of key emerging companies in the US before they go public. The shares are bought directly from the management (Those who bought the shares of Facebook at the PRE-IPO stage harvested the yield of more than 20,000% on their investment when it went public)

The strategy is based on the purchase of undervalued companies and companies, for which there is a strong demand, on the day of their IPO. The position is usually liquidated on their first day of trading. The longest period of holding shares is 20 days. If the position is held for more than 2 days, the risk decreases with the consistent growth of profit and then only some part of this profit is risked, thus leading the initial position to be riskless.

Exclusive market and the ability to buy shares the book with a discount directly from the underwriters. The NWA Fund has agreements with brokers that work with key underwriters, such as JP Morgan and Credit Suisse.

Payrolls – Taking advantage of increased volatility in particular financial assets, when the data about unemployment rate in the USA is published.

Companies in the US publish quarterly reports, which usually leads to sharp swings in the value of shares of these companies. Under the law of the US, companies publish reports before the market open or after the market close. It is the period of time when 90% of investors do not have the opportunity to trade these shares. The NWA Fund has the opportunity to trade these companies after market closes and before market opens, which gives us an edge in the market.

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Neo Wealth Advisors ltd, is incorporated by the Registrar of International Business Companies number 122010, registered by the SIBA.Vice President and principal portfolio manager Sergey Nekrasov was born in 1986. More than 12 years of Leadership, Management and Distribution Experience in Wealth Management HNWI/UHNWI, Asset Management for Corporate and Individuals Asset management strategies across all asset classes – Global investment Grade Fixed Income, Emerging Markets High Yield Fixed income, Distressed Debt, Quantitative Strategy,Global Macro, Global Equity, Equity Value, Direvative, Options, Structure Product.The basis of fundamental analysis is taken Austrian School of Economics. Murphy Intermarket Analysis.Macroeconomics on the basis of the Austrian School of Economics and Banking modern mechanics.